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Marriage is a change in your legal status

Marriage and civil Unions are significant legal acts that change your status in society.

They are highly significant our society makes specific rules and laws to regulate how they are done and how they are recorded.

Marriage does not belong to any specific religious tradition, but instead has been a part of societies for well over 3,000 years. Different religions have given their particular meanings to marriage and have enriched our understanding of the way that weddings are celebrated.

The documentation required to get married in New Zealand is administered by the Birthds, Deaths and Marriages section of the Department of Internal Affairs.

They require you to apply for a marriage licence which gives you permission to get married in a particular place (or a wet weather option) within a three month period by a designated marriage celebrant.

What is more important is that when you do get married (or civil unioned) this is recorded and will forever be a part of the way the state views you. Even when the marriage ends through death of one of the partners or through dissolution (divorce) your marriage is still part of your official records.

When you get married your status changes and one consequence of that is any will that you may have made prior to getting married is no longer valid. It is important to make a new will after your wedding. Talk to your lawyer or the Public Trust about making a new will.

These things don’t need to be scary but they do remind us of the significance that marriage has to society.

We are fortunate that in New Zealand we have a lot of flexibility in how and where we celebrate marriage. Not all countries have this same flexibility. You can create your own service and hold it at any venue you choose.

The only things that is required is that “During the solemnisation of every such marriage each party to it shall say to the other:

I AB take you CD to be my legal wife (or Husband) or words to that effect.”


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