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John Faisandier

Things in my life that inspire my work as a celebrant:

In my working life I specialise in training people to manage emotions in the workplace. I hear people tell me of the communication challenges they have not only at work, but also at home, in their closest relationships. I am passionate about sharing communication skills that will improve people’s lives in every area. If you begin your marriage well, there is a good chance you will continue to grow and learn to communicate well with each other in all the challenging times ahead.

I’ve been married for over 20 years – even though I have read many books and attended numerous courses I have still had to work out the daily reality of being married, staying fresh, keeping open in my communication with my wife, facing all the challenges of setting up a house, having a family and coping with in-laws, parents, extended family and simply life and death.

I was a Catholic priest training and working for nearly 19 years. When I performed weddings, funerals, baptisms and other ceremonies I always invited people to be a part of what was happening, especially those who were unfamiliar with the church. I am very comfortable leading ceremonies. As a marriage celebrant without any connection with a church, I now have a lot more freedom to create the kind of ceremony the couple want.

I have been involved in marriage preparation programmes for over 15 years. These programmes help couples communicate well with each other, understand their differences, and make the most of the love they have. I’m keen to help couples see their relationship as an opportunity for healing and growth so that when they have to face major life challenges and the daily grind of work, children, and dirty dishes they will be able to continue to love and support each other.

I’ve been a singer, professional speaker, psychodrama trainer and counsellor all of which give me a view of life and way of relating to you as a couple and to your family and friends that will enhance your day, give you confidence and a lasting memory of a celebration that really was about YOU.


Contact me:

John Faisandier
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