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The wedding ceremony is a way that you two can express your love for each other in a public way.

Every relationship is unique in so many ways. As you plan your wedding, you want to bring that uniqueness into the ceremony.

You have invited family and friends to share the day with you

You want them to join in right from the beginning and feel part of the ceremony as well as the wedding breakfast.

My training equips me to work with you, the couple, to make the ceremony represent your deepest values and express these in ways that are meaningful to you and your guests.

I can fit in with a traditional format or I can help you create something that has never been seen before. Whatever the style of wedding you want, I will work with you so that it represents you and the values, hopes and dreams that you both share.

The day is not just about the two of you; it is also about your families and friends. Acknowledging them in the ceremony can enhance the day and make for a memorable occasion for them and for you.


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